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Mynde.me is an initiative for the times

A simple concept. Ultra-affordable mental health support for employees when they need it most, at a time when most organizations need to get more for less. And through those businesses, mental health support for the community too. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR UNIQUE TWO-FACED MODEL.

As your employees and their families continue to feel the long-term aftershocks of Covid-19, their mental health and well-being will be more important than ever.

We believe that simply offering them a supportive and comprehensive mental health resource embedded in their own workplace will make them feel better, and the comfort that there’s help available if they need it.

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So What's In OUR MYNDE?

Mynde.me has created one of the most comprehensive employee mental health education portals, that can be branded and customized just for your workplace and ready to go in a matter of days for even the smallest organization. And all for less than the cost of a single cup of coffee a day, for the entire workforce, no matter how many employees.

And if you want to do great things for your community and your brand, encourage your employees to share your portal with everyone they know.

  • Mental illness and wellness, for employees who are struggling and need support, and for employees who want to help their co-workers and loved ones.
  • Happiness, and how it can be achieved and channeled to make employees more productive.
  • A Stress Management Center to help address something 80% of employees say they struggle with.
  • Links to all the leading sources of advice on mental health and wellness.
  • Weekly tips, reminders, and staying-well ideas and suggestions.
  • Brain and mind health, including diet, mindfulness, and meditation.
  • How to build a culture of workplace mental wellness and reap the bottom-line rewards.
  • An anonymous forum to help employees share, vent, learn, and get support.
  • A Reading Room with a growing collection (currently in the hundreds) of articles and videos from top experts.
  • And we’re also working on live and on-demand webinars, podcasts, and guest interviews.


We can customize and brand a carbon copy of our portal for your organization. Your logo, your corporate colors, look, and feel, and your organization’s messaging. We host in on our server on a domain dedicated just to you. It can be open to your employees, or password protected (we don’t require employee registration, login, email addresses, or passwords).

We’ll take care of hosting, maintenance, security, and privacy (no personal information is ever collected) and are constantly updating with new and relevant information.

The portal is focused on education and support, and while it doesn’t provide direct therapeutic or other mental health advice or services, we can link to nationally recognized services that are free, or to any employee mental health programs you might already offer (like an EAP).

And the portal will include content and advice from licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, behaviorists, and therapists.


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The world has changed, maybe forever. Even before the Covid pandemic, mental illness and mental health issues were experiencing their own pandemic.

The World Health Organization cited depression alone as one of the biggest health risks to the human race as well as the leading cause of disability worldwide. And in a recent report, WHO identified mental illness as the leading global burden of disease in the next decade.

Things will only get worse for the workforce. Those laid off will struggle to pay for essential health care, while those still working may see mental health benefits cut or cancelled.

  • As businesses and communities begin to pick up the pieces, the mental health and wellbeing of your employees is more important than ever because they may be more fragile that ever.

  • Creating a culture of mental wellness, where discussions are open and sincere and stigma is stigmatized, has been proven to be great for the bottom line.

  • Having an in-house mental wellness portal, instead of simply forcing employees to “Google mental health” is great for engagement and morale.

  • Mental illness hurts performance, productivity, and profit. Studies suggest that every $1 investment in employee mental health generates an ROI of $3-5.

  • Even though budgets are being cut, healthcare plans trimmed, and employees laid off, your employees still need mental health support. Mynde.me is a solution for even the smallest budget.

The ROI in workplace mental health programs: Good for people, good for business

According to Deloitte “Organizations depend on their employees to deliver their mission, vision, products, and services to drive overall success. Creating a healthy and safe workplace, one that protects both the physical and mental health of employees, is essential to achieving business objectives and shareholder returns. Clearly, investment in a mentally healthy workforce is required. But how should organizations go about it?”

See the full report from Deloitte.

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Mynde.me is rounding up some of the brightest minds in the world of mental health and wellness, and sharing their expertise and wisdom through a series of one-on-one video conversations we’re calling HouseCalls.

The series will include psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and behaviorists, as well as experts on mindfulness, meditation, happiness, and anxiety and stress management.

All episodes will be short (typically 10 minutes) and available as a free resource to your employees. And we also hope to be able to expand the series into longer workshops featuring groups of experts.

Expert Content

All our content is fact checked against data from the leading mental health organizations, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization and many others.

We also include contributions from a growing number of researchers, psychiatrists, behaviorists, and therapists.

And we’re constantly adding new content including original videos, tools and quizzes, expert interviews, and guest articles.

We also plan to add live and on-demand events, free to your employees, on a variety of mental wellness issues.




Mynde.me is based in Cincinnati Ohio. The best way to contact us is at support@mynde.me. If you’d like to speak to Neal O’Farrell, founder of Mynde.me, he can be contacted at neal(at)mynde.me or by phone at (925) 914 0248