About Think Security First!

The best expert. The best instructor. The best training. And you can slash your security training budget.

Think security first is the creation of Neal O’Farrell, one of the longest serving security and privacy experts on the planet, and an early pioneer of employee security awareness.

His highly engaging training represents a lifetime of experience fighting and teaching about cybercrime and identity theft around the world, for governments, the intelligence community, banking, retail and everything in between.

A Better Approach To Employee Security Awareness

Sometimes it can feel like the security awareness industry is in an endless race to be more dramatic and complex, and in doing so often misses the point.

Good, effective security awareness doesn’t need cartoons or animations, Hollywood drama, or a team of behavioral psychologists. Done right, all you need is the right message, the right messenger, and plenty of repetition.

Best of all, you own the training outright, for a very modest fee, so you won’t have to find a budget for this kind of training ever again. And your version of the course is branded throughout with your logo.


  • Affordable security awareness training for even the smallest budget.
  • An enjoyable, immersive, and persuasive employee security awareness course delivered by one of the most engaging and believable experts on the planet.
  • More than security awareness training, you’re giving your employees and  your organization a real Chief Security Awareness Officer and not a collection of cartoons, actors, or animations.
  • 10 separate videos, covering all the important security and privacy issues, and running for a total of approximately 60 minutes.
  • Nine different role-based versions, including new hires, marketing and sales, Admins, legal, supply chain, IT, and more.
  • As a bonus, a chance for your employees to meet one of the most notorious cyber crooks and hear the same message from a different perspective.
  • The training includes a 20-minute security awareness crash course specifically for executives and board members.
  • New  short security videos are being added monthly.
  • Lots of hosting options too. You host the videos on your LMS, or we can host them free of charge on our LMS, with or without tracking, reporting and compliance.
  • For smaller firms, a pay-as-you-go option is also available.

Learn more about the course or take a look at a sample course.

Meet Neal.

See A Sample


Executives and board members are even more of a target for cyber crooks, and especially with phishing attacks. But they can be a tough crowd to persuade.

Neal can be very persuasive. In this 20-minute security presentation, Neal shares what’s he’s learned about attacks targeted on the C-Suite and the simple steps to mitigating those risks. Check it out.

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This one’s for your bigger data users – engineers, data analysts, even marketing and sales – and focuses on teaching how to understand what personally identifiable information (pii) is, how to protect it, and what privacy laws say about it.

The course consists of seven short videos and runs for a total of 50 minutes. It also covers privacy by design, the consequences of failure (like data breaches) an how the ethical view of data can help to protect it.

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