Credit Unions Security Awareness

As a credit union, you already understand the importance of cybersecurity and fraud prevention, and especially the role of trained and vigilant employees.

But what if you could do the same for your entire community? Imagine what that would do for your brand? With out unique community giveback program, now you can.

  • Make security awareness engaging, meaningful, and motivational for your employees.
  • Teach your members and their families how to avoid personal cyber risks, scams, and fraud.
  • Create a viral marketing opportunity that could reach and protect your entire community.
  • Help to protect your local schools and students too.
  • And all in a collection of short and branded videos hosted by one of the leading experts and that you own forever.

Secure in 60 seconds is a unique and engaging security education program, designed by an award-winning security expert, and based on more than 40 years of experience fighting cybercrime and identity theft around the world.

Each of the collection of more than 40 short videos offers just a minute (or two) of direct, easy to use, and credit-union specific advice on dozen of key topics to protect your workplace, yourself, and your family from cyber risks, scams and frauds.

And because all the videos can be branded with your logo, welcome message, and contact information, they can be a powerful marketing and PR tool that your entire community will thank you for.

Topics include:

  • How credit unions can help protect everyone.
  • Why awareness matters.
  • Welcome to security in this workplace.
  • Spotting and avoiding phishing attacks.
  • What is spear phishing?
  • Ransomware.
  • Good password practices.
  • Why security policies are there.
  • Safe data handling.
  • Good social media practices.
  • Security out of the office.
  • Security at home.
  • Privacy.
  • Spotting and avoiding BEC scams.
  • Preventing identity theft.
  • Preventing Zelle and other P2P scams.
  • Protecting seniors from scams.
  • Protecting a small business.
  • Stopping robocalls.
  • What is 2FA?
  • TikTok and privacy risks.
  • Security and privacy for teens.
  • Protecting your high school
  • Why banking online is safer.
  • What are credit freezes?
  • The top mistakes cybercriminals are anticipating.
  • Using password managers.
  • Celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
  • Celebrating Data Privacy Day.
  • Interviews with real victims and cyber criminals.
  • And much more.

For Your Employees

  • Use the videos for annual security awareness training.
  • Use them as weekly security nudges and reminders.
  • Use them in response to new security incidents or events.

For Your Members

  • Offer the videos as an important and free benefit.
  • Encourage your members to share them with family and friends.
  • Use the videos to help reduce security incidents and fraud.

For Your Community

  • Use them as a powerful PR and marketing opportunity.
  • Connect with your community and build trust.
  • Increase traffic to your website.

For Your Local Schools

  • Give them the essential training they need but can’t afford.
  • Help students and families increase their own education and awareness.
  • Remind schools of how central their local credit union is.

We’ll be constantly adding to the collection and the entire series can be branded with your logo to feel more native and relevant.


Our pricing approach is simple, transparent, and hopefully, irresistible.

The entire package of videos, 45 in total, costs just $4,500, and all the videos will be branded with your logo and messaging.

What does that mean? You’ll own the entire collection for $4,500. No further fees or costs, and you’re free to use and share the videos how you choose.

And all future upgrades and updates will be free too. We can’t think of a better way to reach the widest audience with these critically important messages and in a way we hope they and you will appreciate.

You’ll Be In Great Company

Our training is currently being used by dozens of organizations of all shapes and sizes, including Autodesk, Rodan and Fields, World Market, Plaid, Bartlett Wealth Management, Tulane University, Morehead State University, and the Arkansas State University System.



He’s widely regarded as one of the longest-serving cyber security experts on the planet, 40 years and counting.

He served on the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, advised half a dozen governments, and led the fight against identity theft for more than two decades.

And he’s the first ever expert to receive the Eigen Award, presented by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners for his work in fighting fraud. Meet him.

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