Current Security And Privacy Courses

We’re constantly creating new courses, and updating existing courses, so make sure you check in regularly.

Employee Security Awareness Training

Our basic awareness course consists of 10 lessons running for just over 60 minutes, and includes an interview with one of America’s most notorious cyber criminals. The course is available in nine different versions, to address different roles, from new hires and Admins, to legal, marketing, even supply chain and procurement.

For Executives And Board Members

A 20-minute introduction to the basics of cyber security best practices, why executives and board members are such a prize and target, what kinds of attacks and scams will be used against them, including phishing, and best practices for staying one step ahead.

Protecting the PII

A 45-minute course, over eight videos, and targeted at your heaviest data users – engineers, product developers, sales and marketing, data analysts. This course explains exactly what is defined and covered by personally identifiable information, how it needs to be treated and handled, the impact of privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR, and even a short introduction to data ethics.

Protecting the PII – Fintech Edition

A version of the above course that addresses the unique security, privacy, and data ethics challenges and opportunities in fintech startups.

Beat the Blaggards

A 15-minute personal security awareness video for employees and their families, and even your customers, that outlines the many and growing personal threats and frauds, and how to recognize and avoid them.

If you’re interested in any of these courses, would like to know how we can brand and customize them just for you, or would like to know when we launch new courses, just contact us.