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Welcome to Ferriere's “Secure In 60 Seconds”

Ferriere Wealth Management is delighted to bring you this groundbreaking security series, one of the largest collection of expert videos on how to manage the risks of cybercrime, scams, fraud, and privacy, and created by one of the longest-serving cyber and fraud experts on the planet.

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Check out Neal's video on the Top 10 things - habits and routines - that have protected him from cyber attacks and scams for decades. They can protect you too.

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are everybody's business

Did you know that the global cost of cybercrime will soon reach a trillion dollars a year? That seniors and the elderly are scammed out of more than $3 billion every year? Or that identity theft is still claiming more than a million new victims every thirty days?

The best defense by far is everyone’s personal awareness and vigilance.

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Whether it’s work, personal, or family, we cover all the important issues. From cybercrimes and frauds, to workplace and home security, senior scams and identity theft, social media and privacy. Find the answer in 45 short non-technical videos we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

All delivered by an award-winning expert in easy 60-seconds bites.

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Neal O’Farrell is widely recognized as one of the longest serving cybersecurity and fraud experts on the planet, 40 years and counting.

He’s won multiple awards for his work, worked with many wealth management firms, served on the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, and led the Identity Theft Council for more than a decade. Meet him.

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