For Faculty, STaff, and Students

This is our main awareness course, and while it’s targeted at faculty, employees, and students it will work for everyone – leadership, contractors and vendors, even trustees and alumni.

The course currently consists of 10 video lessons totaling just over 60 minutes and can include closed captions. More lessons will be added shortly.

Each lesson can be modified for your needs at no cost, including the addition of your logo, welcome messages, and call-to-action (where to report a phishing email, for example).

Key messages include:

  • Security awareness is a responsibility and an opportunity but not your fault.
  • Vigilance is one of the most powerful ways to defeat most threats.
  • All you really need are a handful of good behaviors and choices.
  • Security is a shared responsibility.
  • A respect for privacy is also key for security.

Check out the current lessons below:


Spotting and preventing phishing attacks

Smart and safe password practices

The importance of privacy

Safe and secure off campus

Safe data handling

Preventing data breaches

Understanding and preventing malware

Safe and smart with social media

A campus phishing example

Coming soon and included with this course:

An interview with a cybercriminal. Brett “GOllumfun” Johnson, founder of the Shadowcrew carder network and dubbed by the US Secret Service as “the original Internet Godfather.”

Short modules covering FERPA, FACTA, HIPAA, and PCI, as they relate to the university and college environment.

A university business email compromise (BEC) example.

A university phishing email example.

PII and data ethics

And of course it includes the dozens of shorter videos in our Secure In 60 Seconds collection that can be used to supplement awareness training or as a standalone solution.



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