For Wealth Managers

Protect your clients from scams, fraud, cybercrime, and privacy threats, and in the most personal way possible

Many of your clients (and their families) will worry about things like scams, fraud, identity theft, and privacy breaches. Many might even fall victim at some point. And all of them will appreciate your help in minimizing their exposure and risk.

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Secure In 60 Seconds is a collection of dozens of short videos on all the important personal and work cybersecurity, fraud, and privacy issues, branded with your logo and welcome message, and a powerful resource for all your clients.


Six Minutes Your Clients Will Treasure Forever

In this short, 6-minute video, Neal explains his Top 10 tips for protecting against cybercrimes, scams, and fraud. Tips that have protected him for decades, including against some very targeted attacks.

A custom and branded resource everyone will want to use and share.

turning security education

into a relationship builder

It’s important that you constantly educate your clients about how to protect themselves from the surge in cybercrime, frauds, and scams.

Our short, engaging, and personal videos are by the far the best way to do this, because your relationship with your clients is personal and they want you to be direct.

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the best security advice

at your clients' fingertips

Whether it’s work, personal, or family, we cover all the important issues. From cybercrimes and frauds, to workplace and home security, senior scams and identity theft, social media and privacy. All delivered by an award-winning expert in easy 60-seconds bites.

And if your clients run their own business, it can be free security awareness for their employees too. Check them out.

great for

meeting new clients

The entire video collection can be hosted privately on your web site, or publicly on YouTube. The videos can be offered as an expert resource, used to generate traffic, leads, and introductions, or pushed out frequently as part of a free service to your clients.

We even include short alert videos that you can push out to your clients and their connections whenever there’s a spike in a specific type of threat, or a particularly vulnerable time (like tax season).

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security awareness

for your employees too

Use them for your employee security awareness too. Secure In 60 Seconds is a comprehensive security awareness program and ideal for keeping your employees vigilant and alert – and at no extra cost to you.

Our training has been selected by dozens of organizations including Autodesk, Plaid, Rodan and Fields, Bartlett Wealth Management, and more than 150 universities and colleges.

only the best

for your clients

Neal O’Farrell is widely recognized as one of the longest serving cybersecurity and fraud experts on the planet, 40 years and counting.

He’s won multiple awards for his work, worked with many wealth management firms, served on the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, and led the Identity Theft Council for more than a decade. Meet him.

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Looking for a little less? How about a single security awareness video, created just for your firm, and a link to the full library of videos whenever your client needs them?

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