Think Security First! for Universities and Colleges

Affordable Security Awareness Training Just for Universities and Colleges

We set out to create a comprehensive and flexible security awareness program that was just for universities and colleges, and not simply a rebranded corporate course.

One that works equally well for employees, faculty, and even the student population, with branding and customization that would make it feel unique to each campus.

And at a price even the smallest campus could easily afford.

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How We’re Different

1. Secure In 60 Seconds, a collection of more than 35 short and branded security awareness reminders that can be used for employees, faculty, and students.

2. Backed up by a more conventional 10-lesson university-themed awareness course for employees and faculty

3. All university and college-specific, focusing on the unique security and privacy challenges faced by campuses, and using relevant messaging, language, branding, and imagery throughout.

4. And entirely branded with your logo and identity, and customized with your specific policies, rules, and contact information.* See an example.

And not delivered by an actor or animation, stick figure or Ninja, but by a compelling, persuasive, and entertaining expert who’s been teaching about this topic since long before the word cyber had been coined.

Free Training For All Students

For the first time ever, you can teach your entire student population about their role in security, as often as you like, at no extra cost.

And that includes a customized security greeting for freshmen the very first time they change their new password.

Free Training For Your Entire Community

If you decide to purchase our Secure In 60 Seconds collection, we’ll make a copy available for your entire community at no charge. That means free security awareness for your local residents, small businesses, and K-12 school districts.

And with your brand all over it. Learn more.

A Free Program For Your Cybersecurity Students

If your college or university offers cybersecurity courses, our community giveback program is a great way to give these students invaluable hands-on training in raising cybersecurity awareness across a large population.

Not only will your students learn about user security awareness, the most fundamental pillar of all security training, but they’ll also have a chance to lead the teaching of those skills to the very real world of their local community.

And a great project to have on their resume.


Security awareness training isn’t complicated, so the pricing model shouldn’t be either. Our pricing makes awareness accessible to everyone, all the time, even with the smallest budget.

You Own It

Our entire training package, including all videos, costs just $5,000. And you can pay for it over time too.

Forever Updates

You’ll have free access to all future versions, updates, and new videos, at no extra cost. So freshness guaranteed.

Train Students Too

The package includes a branded 15-minute security, scam, and fraud awareness video for students.
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Branded And Customized

The price includes branding and customization of each video to make it even more impactful.

You Can Host

If you have your own LMS, you can host the entire package, with built-in quizzes, and SCORM compliant.

Or We Can Host

For just $99 per month no matter how many users.

About The Instructor

Neal O’Farrell is widely regarded as one of the longest-serving cybersecurity experts on the planet, 40 years and counting. He got his very first introduction to cybersecurity in 1980, on a college campus, where a fellow student introduced him to his first password-stealing software.

He’s advised multiple governments, was member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, and has been behind some of the nation’s most ambitious security awareness initiatives. Meet him.