Want to be a hero to your local community, and beyond?

If you’re an MSP or MSSP, chances are most of your clients have or should have quality security awareness training.

But if you don’t view security awareness training as a major revenue opportunity, we have a plan to help leverage the need for security awareness as a way to win and keep lots of new customers and fans:

  • You’ll be able to offer your clients high quality security awareness training, as often as they want, as much of it as they need.
  • You can charge them for it, or even better, give it away free as a thank you, a relationship builder, a free benefit, or as an incentive for new business.
  • And because all the training is branded with your logo and message, it can be leveraged as a powerful branding and PR tool.

Here’s How It Works

  • We’ll provide you with two copies of our Secure in 60 Seconds training program, and both copies will be branded with your logo and messages throughout.
  • Host one copy on your own site and make it available free of charge as a free gift to your entire community. To local businesses, your Chamber of Commerce, even your local government.
  • You can donate the second copy to your local high school or school district, which will not only help protect your local schools, but also help to inspire a new generation of cyber security professionals.

5 Good Reasons

  • You’ll have the option of providing quality security awareness training, free of charge, at the time when every organization needs it, but when many simply can’t afford it.
  • You’ll be helping to protect your local high schools from increasingly costly cyber attacks.
  • You’ll be promoting a student-led security project that will encourage more teens to think of cybersecurity as a career.
  • You’ll be helping to protect seniors and the elderly from the crimes and scams that cost them more than $3 billion every year.
  • Because our training also covers the most important personal security topics, you’ll be helping your entire community to protect themselves from all kinds of scams and frauds.

And if you want to charge for the training for certain clients, that’s an option too. After all, it will be your training.

A Great PR Opportunity

We think our unique offering – providing free security awareness training for everyone, protecting local schools, inspiring a new generation of cybersecurity professionals, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens – is a great story for any community.

And a great way to establish your firm as the go-to experts for local media outlets on a variety of security topics. It’s all about setting yourself apart, and we can help you do that.