Security Awareness For Everyone!

free security awareness training for everyone, and all thanks to you!

When you purchase our Secure In 60 Seconds security awareness training, not only can you share those (heavily branded) videos with your entire community, but we’ll donate a customized copy to a high school or school district that you nominate, in your name.

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engaging awareness training

for every employee

Even if you already have an employee security awareness training program, Secure In 60 Seconds would make a great supplement.

Our short videos, typically around 60 seconds, address dozens of different workplace and personal security and fraud threats and in a way your employees will find engaging, relevant, and motivational.

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free security awareness

for all your local schools

We’ll donate a schools-focused version to a high school or district that you nominate.

So not only are you protecting your local schools from cyber threats, you’re also helping to reach, teach, and protect teachers, staff, students, and their families.

And it includes a program to protect seniors from the scams that cost them more than $3 billion every year.

free security awareness

for your entire community

You’ll be allowed to share your own branded security videos with your entire community, as both a priceless giveback and a powerful PR opportunity.

Ask your employees to share them with family and neighbors. Offer them to your customers and their families. Make them available to your local Chamber of Commerce and their members.

Because the training covers workplace, personal, school, and even small business security, there’s something for everyone to appreciate.

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inspiring a new generation

of cybersecurity professionals

Our training includes a secret weapon – a way to persuade teens to get more interested in cybersecurity by making it about protecting their grandparents.

The world needs more cybersecurity and privacy professionals, but is struggling to make the career meaningful to teens.

We think we’ve found a way to fix that too. Learn more.

stopping senior scams

a priceless extra benefit

Cybercrime and scams targeting the elderly now cost this highly vulnerable community more than $3 billion every year. And the cost can go far beyond financial

The best way to reduce these crimes is through better senior education. And the best people to do that are their grandkids.

And our training includes a project focused on just that.

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