The Collection

Secure In 60 Seconds is a unique collection of dozens of short videos, covering all the major cybercrime and fraud issues, and created by one of the most experienced cybersecurity experts on the planet.

The message is in the name, that it takes very little time, as little as a minute, to learn how to defeat some of the most common cyber and fraud threats.

The videos cover personal, family, and workplace security challenges, and can be shared with your employees too if you own a small business.

You’ll learn how to choose and use password managers, how to spot Zelle frauds, how to protect your credit and identity, how multi-factor authentication works, how to spot a phishing attack, how to protect the elderly from scams and much more.

Each video is only around a minute long and requires no technical or security knowledge. Just simple and honest advice that everyone can understand and start using.





Meet Your Own Personal Security Expert

Neal O’Farrell is widely regarded as one of the longest-serving cybersecurity experts on the planet, 40 years and counting. He’s advised multiple governments, was member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Cybersecurity Roundtable, and has been behind some of the nation’s most ambitious security awareness initiatives.

He created the first Identity Theft Score more than 15 years ago, led the award-winning Identity Theft Council for more than a decade, and was the first ever expert to win the Eigin Award for his work in combating fraud. Meet him.