Zelle Fraud PSA

This is a first draft of a proposed video that can be used by banks and credit unions to educate their customers and members about how to minimize the risks of Zelle fraud; to minimize the negative impact on banks and credit unions; to show how awareness of Zelle fraud can help prevent most other frauds; and to create a viral marketing opportunity for their local community and audiences.

Key Features:

  • 10-minute video, can be longer or shorter.
  • The video can be branded and customized for each bank or credit union to create a unique education, marketing, and community outreach opportunity.
  • A different version for credit unions and banks.
  • The video can also be branded with the Zelle logo, colors, and images.
  • The video features and is hosted by Neal O’Farrell, one of the world’s longest serving cybersecurity and fraud experts and founder of the award-winning Identity Theft Council.

Key Messages:

  • Zelle fraud is not the fault of your bank, credit union, or Zelle.
  • We should be angry at the fraudsters, because they’re the same ones who have led the epidemic of identity theft for the last decade or more, and this is a chance to stop them, to fight back.
  • Preventing Zelle fraud is as easy as saying no and doing nothing.
  • You have the comfort of learning from a leading and independent fraud expert who knows these fraudsters and how they think.
  • If you’re concerned about a Zelle alert, or a suspected Zelle fraud, go directly to your financial institution instead. A great way to find out what else they’re doing to protect you, and to update your account security.
  • Even better news, the vigilance and awareness you use to prevent Zelle fraud will also work with most other common frauds. Like IRS scams, advanced fee fraud, virus and tech-support fraud, elder scams and so on.
  • By focusing on managing a risk that is easy to defeat, we get to harness the incredible benefits of products like Zelle.
  • If we all just share this video, educate everyone we know, remind them that this kind of vigilance protects the entire community, we will all be safer and better off.
  • Vigilant Zelle users are the new Zellots.



This video is presented by Neal O’Farrell, one of the longest-serving security experts on the planet. He’s been fighting cybercrime for 40 years, identity theft for 20 years, and spent more than a decade as head of the nonprofit Identity Theft Council.

He’s won multiple awards for his work in fighting fraud, advised more than half a dozen governments, met and interviewed real fraudsters behind bars (and sometimes even in bars), was the first expert to train an entire police department in identity theft nearly 20 years ago, and helped thousands of victims get through what can often be a life-changing crime. Meet him.


Viral Marketing Potential

We know that the safest consumer is a vigilant one, and that vigilance is best achieved through education. But that can often be a challenge. There is an opportunity to use this video to help address that problem –  by turning concerns over Zelle fraud into a way to reach and teach an entire community on how to protect themselves against all kinds of fraud. Share the video, educate each other, protect each other, be a Zellot.

Local banks and credit unions will be able to offer a fully branded and customized version of this video to their local community as part of their own marketing efforts. The video can also include things like special offers, meet the team, attend an event, sign up for security alerts, contact information, and so on.